How to upgrade memory on your computer

Random access memory module

Memory of our computer is responsible for the performance of computer. Random access memory (RAM) is the memory of computer which increases the speed of computer. We can upgrade the memory of computer according to our desire.

But, before upgrading the memory of your computer you need to know that how much memory your computer needs, because a 32 bit computer needs 2-4 GB RAM where 64 bit computer needs 4-8 GB RAM, with all that you need to be sure about how much memory does your computer support.

Along with that you need to know about the flavor of the memory. Because there are many kind of RAM (memory) you need to know such as DDR, DDR2, and DDR3. So be sure what kind of RAM does your computer need.

Basically for upgrading the memory (RAM) of your computer there are few manual steps you need to follow.

· First of all open the case, body or CPU of your computer.

· You will find the slots of RAM (slots can be 2 or more than 2)

· You will see two manual buttons on the both ends of the slots, push them down by your thumb and the old RAM will come out.

· After that place the new RAM there, adjust it into the line space of the RAM slot. To adjust the RAM into the slot you need to attach the both ends of the RAM into those buttons you have on the both sides of RAM slots.

· Push the RAM down, and it will be adjusted by itself.

· Close the case of your computer

· Reboot the system.

What to consider:

· Be sure your computer supports that version of RAM.

· After booting the computer check the memory in the bios settings.

· You can also check the RAM by following these steps:

. Right click on “My computer”

. Open property

. See the system information

. Check the status of RAM

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